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Common Questions

Are you a third political party?
No. We are a group of Republican voters that are frustrated with the Republican Establishment. We are politically-minded conservatives that believe in limited government, original intent, and the protection of natural God-given rights. 

Why not just work within the county Republican party?
The Republican Party’s bylaws prevent them from endorsing candidates during the primary, so their purpose is mostly served during the general election against Democrats. In rural counties, which usually have a Republican majority, the primary is more important than the general election. The primary election is where the race between true conservatives and establishment RINOS is won. Wise County Conservatives seeks to educate the public about their ballot choices, to endorse conservative candidates, and to hold elected officials accountable to their voters. 

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What is the mission of Wise County Conservatives?

Wise County Conservatives seeks to connect like-minded Conservatives who believe in the principles of minimal government, low taxation, and liberty. WCC believes that Texans are best equipped to decide what is best for Texas and that now is the time for conservative Texans to stand together in defense of our way of life.
​Wise County Conservatives seeks to enrich the understanding of the basis of our rights, as understood by our forebears, as natural and God-given. We will pursue the foundations of Western Civilization and the principles of our constitutional republic. Finally, we will educate and inform conservatives in Wise County regarding the activities of the Texas Legislature and our local governments.
​The rights of Texans are threatened at a level not seen since the early days of the Republic. The explosive growth of the federal government, combined with an increasingly pandering state Legislature has, with the restrictions of COVID, revealed to Texans that individuals reserve the right to pass law without the consent of our duly elected representatives. Wise County Conservatives seeks to arm the populace with information and enable us all to make a difference locally and in Austin. 

Are you a GPAC or a 501 (c4)?
We are registered with the Texas Ethics Commission as a General Political Action Committee (GPAC) so that we can campaign for, or against, candidates, legislation, and issues. The GPAC endorsements are determined by our Board of Directors but we will strive to record interviews with candidates (and make them available to the public) if public meetings are not feasible during a race.

Why do you not say the United States or Texas Pledges at your meetings?
Everyone else does that. Instead, we sing patriotic Texas songs at our meetings. 

What are your meetings like?
Social time, prayer, song, announcements, time for elected officials to introduce themselves, 60 seconds for each (filed) candidate to give a stump speech, a presentation by a speaker, and more social time. A commonly heard description is “like church but with politics.” Families are welcome and encouraged.